Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company is dynamic partnership between two giants: Bajaj Auto Ltd, India's largest 2 & 3 wheeler giant and diversified into Auto Finance, Steel etc & Allianz AG, Germany the world's largest insurance company with 700 subsidiaries across 70 countries. Owned 74% by Bajaj Auto Ltd, 26% by Allianz AG.

This joint venture company incorporates global expertise with local experience. The comprehensive, innovative solutions, combine the technical expertise and experience of the 110 years old Allianz AG, and in depth market knowledge and good will of Bajaj Auto, Competitive pricing and quick honest response have earned the company the customer's trust and market leadership in a very short time.

Bajaj Allianz received the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) certificate of Registration on 2nd May, 2001 to conduct various businesses (including Health Insurance business) in India. The Company has an authorized and paid up capital of Rs 110 crores. Bajaj Finserv Limited holds 74% and the remaining 26% is held by Allianz, SE.

As on 31st March 2016, Bajaj Allianz continues to be one of the most financially robust insurers in the industry by maintaining its growth as well as profitability. The company has made a profit before tax of Rs. 771 crore and emerged as the most profitable insurer recording a profit after tax of Rs.564 crore. The company reported a GWP of Rs. 5901 crore, which has grown by 11.3% compared to the last fiscal, despite claims post Chennai Floods.

  • More than 40 Million Satisfied Customers
  • Assets under management Rs. 9,211 cr.
  • Shareholder Capital Base, also Net Worth - Rs. 2,790 crores
  • Extensive range of flexible products that cover every need viz Motor Insurance, Asset Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Credit Insurance, Aviation Insurance and many more industrial products.

Bajaj Allianz GIC has been awarded the 'Best General Insurance Provider', also recognized as the 'Best Motor Insurance Provider' and other various recognitions.


Please inform the FIP office IMMEDIATELY, in case of change of Medical Status or Employer.
In case of TMU / PMU claims, please intimate the FIP office within 30 days of unfitness.

Loss of Licence insurance policy covering members of Federation of Indian Pilots for the loss of licence on medical grounds. A member whose Flying Licence issued by DGCA for flying duties should be valid on date of issue of the policy and during, the currency of the policy. The cover is valid worldwide and on 24 hours basis.

The master policy will be issued in name of Federation of Indian Pilots but individual Insurance certificates are available for every rnernber.The terms and conditions are liberal and advantageous for the members along with best cornpetiive rate of premium as per the current market scenario.

Personal Accident Policy: Death is cover under this insurance Policy. During, the currency of the policy any death of the insured caused solely and directly from accident caused by external violent and visible means, Full Sum Assured is payable.


The LOL & PA Policy for C.Y. 2020 is valid from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020.
All pilots on contract may please confirm with the F.I.P. Office that their contracts are valid during the term of the policy.

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