Introduction to FIP

Incepted in 1996, the Federation of Indian Pilots (FIP) was born out of a vision to establish a nationwide body of pilots. This body would address and handle academic, scientific, technical and issues of mutual interest, serving as a platform to represent and advocate for pilots across India.

As a registered entity, FIP has a rich history of organizing seminars, spearheading public awareness initiatives, and presenting pilots' perspectives to regulatory bodies and governmental agencies.

In 1999, understanding the necessity for pilots to be medically fit as a prerequisite for a valid flying licence, FIP initiated an innovative insurance scheme. This scheme aimed to shield pilots from potential implications of medical unfitness.

In 2002, with a goal to blend technical proficiency of pilots with academic credentials, FIP established the Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety (IAAS). This institution, affiliated with the University of Mumbai, awards B.Sc. (Aviation) degrees, among other academic pursuits. More information on this can be found on the IAAS website at

Importantly, it must be underscored that the Federation of Indian Pilots is NOT a Trade Union. FIP does not involve itself in industrial disputes or in matters related to employer-employee industrial relations.

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new... FIP ELECTIONS for period Jan 2024 to Dec 2026

Dear Esteemed Federation of Indian Pilots Members,

We are delighted to announce the inception of a new Sub-Committee centered around Occupational Health for Pilots. Our main area of focus will be Fatigue Management. We welcome volunteers who can offer their specialized skills to this important initiative.

The key objective of this Sub-Committee is to address the urgent concern of pilot fatigue. Our strategy involves advocating for a scientifically-backed Fatigue Management System that aligns with contemporary scheduling norms. We also aim to establish a supportive framework to help pilots maintain their physiological and psychological well-being.

Scope of Work:
Review existing fatigue management procedures.
Collaborate with regulatory bodies and the scientific and medical sectors to:
1. Develop recommendations based on multidisciplinary insights.
2. Investigate real-time data on fatigue through scientific methodologies.
3. Gauge the influence of occupational health on pilot performance.
4. Suggest evidence-supported amendments to existing policies.

Desirable Skills (Optional):
- Knowledge in Safety Management Systems.
- Expertise in Statistical Analysis.
- Previous work in Occupational Health research.
- A history of interdisciplinary partnerships, notably with scientific and medical experts.

Participation in this Sub-Committee offers a unique platform to enhance aviation safety and to work in synergy with professionals from diverse disciplines.

Interested candidates may email their qualifications and areas of expertise to by September 10th, 2023. Please use "Volunteer for Occupational Health/ Fatigue Research Subcommittee" as your email subject line.

For further queries or information, feel free to contact the Federation of Indian Pilots.

Best regards,
Federation of Indian Pilots

We sincerely value your contributions and thank you in advance for your commitment to advancing the field of aviation safety.